My last senior portrait session for the season was at Papago Park in Phoenix. This is one of my absolute favorite places to shoot, so I was thrilled when this beautiful young lady chose it from the list of suggestions I sent to her before her session. It is just the right mix of desert, water, and palm trees. It almost feels tropical even though it isn’t. There are so many great place to shoot at this location!

When we moved to Phoenix almost three years ago, the very first place we went to was the barn where my daughter’s horse had been hauled to weeks before. We went to visit the horse before we even made it to our new house for the first time (I promise there is a point to this!) One of the first people we met at the barn that day was Sammy, this beautiful high school senior. She was so sweet to us, and it was no surprise when she became one of my youngest daughter’s favorite people. I have watched Sammy grow up even more since then, and she is truly one of the sweetest, kindest girls that I have met. I was absolutely thrilled when her mom reached out to get her portraits done. I just can’t believe that almost 3 years has gone by since we moved here though!

Senior Portraits

June 6, 2023

Papago Park High School Senior Portrait Session | Phoenix, AZ

I had the pleasure of photographing this young man for his senior portraits in Phoenix at Tempe Town Lake and Watermark. With the help of his lovely mother, he picked a great location that would allow him to achieve different looks and take pictures with his new Tesla (which, by the way, he purchased on his own!!) We started with the business shots in his suit. We had to tuck ourselves away a little bit due to some unexpected winds but we got them done. Thankfully, by the time we moved on to the shots with his car the wind had died down quite a bit. We made our way to the top level of the parking garage at Tempe Town Lake and positioned his car in just the right spot. I was so impressed that he chose such a perfect outfit for this set of images, and he really came out of his shell during this portion of the session. It just makes me so happy when I can see that the person I am photographing is enjoying themselves and feels comfortable enough to make suggestions or speak up about what images they really want, and this senior did just that!

Senior Portraits

May 31, 2023

Phoenix AZ Senior Portrait Session | Tempe Town Lake & Watermark

This kid is so cool! I had so much fun getting to know him during his Senior Portrait Session at Heritage Square in Phoenix. He is actually from Alaska, somewhere I want to visit someday, and works as a fisherman already! The pandemic brought him to Phoenix to finish out his Senior year of high […]

Senior Portraits

April 15, 2021

Senior Portraits at Heritage Square, Phoenix

Boy Sitting Under Tree during High School Senior Portrait at Heritage Square in Phoenix

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